Fresh-keeping shish kebab and preparation method thereof



The invention discloses a fresh-keeping shish kebab and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method of the fresh-keeping shish kebab is technically characterized by comprising the following steps of: selecting cold fresh mutton as raw material meat; removing fascia, then cutting and dicing; stringing without pickling or adding any preservative; during stringing, matching fat meat with lean meat; carrying out vacuum package according to the specification that the weight of each string is 50g and every 5 strings are placed into a bag; and sterilizing the package at high temperature, cooling, storing at normal temperature and selling. The production process of the normal-temperature fresh-keeping shish kebab is simple and easy to operate; the selected raw material meat is nutrient and easy for digestion; and after the vacuum package is carried out, high-temperature sterilization is carried out to inhibit the microbial proliferation and avoid secondary pollution. The requirements of storing and selling are not harsh; and the fresh-keeping shish kebab is easy for eating of consumers and becomes a new member of a shish kebab family.




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