Method for processing bean pig trotter and bean pig trotter



The invention provides a method for processing bean pig trotter. The method comprises the following working procedures of marinating a pig trotter, cooking beans, mixing the pig trotter and the beans, packaging in vacuum, sterilizing and putting a finished product into a storehouse. The bean pig trotter manufactured by the method retains the nutrient components of the pig trotter and the beans to the maximum extent, has high protein and low fat, is rich in nutrition, spicy and delicious and rich in taste, has various effects of softening the blood vessel, moisturizing the skin and delaying aging and has rich nutrition; the meat is soft, tender and matured, has rich fragrance, proper taste and unique flavor and has health protection effects of tonifying spleen; under often use, body building can be realized, and the activity and the energy are enhanced; effects of tonifying kidney and spleen, stimulating the appetite, moistening lung, reducing sputum, reducing lip, complementing calcium and the like are achieved; the processing technology is scientific; nitrite is not produced; and the bean pig trotter is healthy.




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