Seaweed squid sausage and processing method thereof



The present invention discloses a seaweed squid sausage, which is characterized in that the seaweed squid sausage is prepared from the following raw materials, by mass, 60-70% of a main material, 20-30% of an auxiliary material, 5-10% of a seasoning, and 1-5% of an additive. The seaweed squid sausage has characteristics of reasonable compatibility, balanced nutrition, green health, good color and good taste. The invention further discloses a seaweed squid sausage processing method, which mainly comprises the following steps: (1) preparing seaweed powder, (2) preparing minced pork, (3) preparing small squid blocks, (4) mixing materials and flavoring, (5) filling, (6) embrittling, (7) baking and cooking, and (8) packaging and sterilizing. The method has the simple processing process, wherein a color and a taste of the seaweed squid sausage can be ensured, and it can be further ensured that original nutrients are not lost.




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