Externally applied traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating hemorrhoids


  • Inventors: LV CHENGZHI
  • Assignees: 吕成智
  • Publication Date: July 17, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103202922-A


The invention belongs to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicines, and concretely relates to an externally applied traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating hemorrhoids. The composition is characterized in that the composition is composed of 1-5g of Boswellia carteri, 1-5g of myrrh, 1-5g of Pepperweed Seed, 0.5-2g of cinnabar, 0.5-2g of borax, 1-3g of Chinese Eaglewood, 1-3g of Aplotaxis auriculata, 0.5-2g of realgar, 0.5-2g of borneol and 0.01-0.03g of Venenum Bufonis. The above weights of the above carefully chosen raw materials are ground to fine powder, are disinfected and are packaged to prepare traditional Chinese medicinal composition powder. When the composition is used, 0.01g of the composition is taken, is dissolved in boiled water, and is smeared on the infected part after the infected part is cleaned. The composition is used three times every day, and the amount of the composition can be deliberately increased or decreased according to the disease condition. Clinic verifications prove that the externally applied traditional Chinese medicinal composition has swelling eliminating, sore astringing, slough removing and flesh engendering functions, and has the advantages of substantial curative effect, convenient administration and no side effects.




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