Production method for pneumatic tire



In this production method for a pneumatic tire provided with an inner liner in the inside of the tire, the formation of a green tire comprises: an assembly process (a) in which the end of the inner liner in the width direction and the end of the unvulcanized rubber sheet in the width direction are both shifted along the width direction to be 50mm-500mm apart, then bonded to produce a laminated body; a cutting process (b) in which the laminated body is cut to be a certain length corresponding with the drum width, and a cut sheet is produced; and a joining process (c) in which the cut sheet is wrapped around the entire circumference of the drum so that the cut surface is aligned with the circumferential direction of the drum and the inner liner is on the interior-side, then the end of the inner liner and the end of the unvulcanized rubber sheet are joined so that the ends are positioned with a certain distance therebetween. The inner liner used in this production method is a composite layer comprising: a first layer, containing a styrene-isobutylene-styrene block copolymer and having a thickness of 0.05mm-0.6mm; and a second layer, positioned on the side of the unvulcanized rubber sheet, composed of a thermal plastic elastomer, and having a thickness of 0.01mm-0.3mm.




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