Difficultly-fractured high-strength flat file


  • Inventors: WANG HUAILIANG
  • Assignees: 王怀良
  • Publication Date: August 07, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103231120-A


The invention discloses a difficultly-fractured high-strength flat file. The difficultly-fractured high-strength flat file comprises a file body and a file handle, wherein the file body is in a flat shape, the upper surface of the file body is provided with file cuts, the lower surface of the file body is provided with at least one reinforcing rib, the reinforcing rib is elongated and is arranged along the length direction of the file body, and the outer surfaces of the file cuts on the file body are provided with abrasion-resisting coatings. By means of the mode, the difficultly-fractured high-strength flat file is high in strength, not prone to fracture, simple and practical.




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