Preparation method of health-care beverage



The invention provides a preparation method of a health-care beverage. The health-care beverage comprises the following components by weight percent: 8-14 of cuttlebone, 6-11 of raw dragon bone, 4-9 of raw oyster, 6-12 of flos caryophyllata, 10-15 of cornu cervi degelatinatum, 4-7 of actinolite, 7-13 of common cnidium fruit, 8-14 of quasi achyranthes, 12-16 of Chinese leek seeds, 5-10 of asarum, 8-13 of Chinese gall, and 7-12 of lithargyrum. Ash and impurities are respectively removed from all the components, block components are sliced for later use, with a thickness being 4-6 mm, and rod-shaped components are cut into 8-20 mm. All the components are added into a reaction vessel; water with an amount being 2-5 times of the weight of the components are added for boiling, wherein the components are firstly boiled at a temperature of 200-240 DEG C, secondly boiled for 20 minutes, thirdly boiled for half an hour at 80-110 DEG C, and fourthly boiled and condensed at 200-240 DEG C for 25 minutes, and then taken out of the reaction vessel; residues are filtered; and the filtrate is bottled. The health-care beverage is advantageous by supplementing human nutrition, enhancing human vitality, and enabling people to work and live energetically.




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