Hydraulic operating mechanism for breaker


  • Inventors: TAN XING
  • Assignees: 谈行
  • Publication Date: August 28, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103268843-A


The invention discloses a hydraulic operating mechanism for a breaker. The hydraulic operating mechanism comprises an air cylinder, an oil pump and an oil tank. The air cylinder is respectively connected with the oil pump and the oil tank through a first communicating pipeline and a second communicating pipeline, the oil pump and the oil tank are connected through a third communicating pipeline, an input end of the oil pump and an input end of the oil tank are provided with a first pressure gage and a second pressure gage respectively, a first hydraulic control valve is arranged on the first communicating pipeline, and a second hydraulic control valve is arranged on the second communicating pipeline. Through the method, the hydraulic operating mechanism for the breaker is more compact and attractive in structure, more distinct in operation, controllable in speed of gas and liquid, continuous in the whole process, and capable of guaranteeing the process to be controlled better timely and precisely.




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