Uni-directional fibre preform having slivers and consisting of reinforcing fibre bundles, and a composite material component



The invention relates to a fibre preform (1) for producing fibre composite structures, the wall of said preform comprising at least one first zone (4) that consists of reinforcing fibre bundles (5) with a first resin composition, and at least one second zone (7) consisting of at least one sliver, consisting of at least one uni-directionally aligned reinforcing yarn strand (8) with a second resin composition, said reinforcing fibre bundles (5) being oriented, in the at least one first zone (4) and in an observation direction, parallel to the thickness extension in different spatial directions from one another, and the at least one second zone forming, in an observation direction, a discrete region that is perpendicular to the thickness extension of the wall. In addition, the invention relates to a composite material component that consists of such a fibre preform.




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