Glass string ceramic bead decorative photo frame


  • Inventors: ZHU LIUPING
  • Assignees: 朱留平
  • Publication Date: September 25, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103315573-A


The invention relates to a glass string ceramic bead decorative photo frame, which belongs to articles of daily use, and includes a panel (1), a backboard (2) and support legs (5) fixed on the backboard (2), wherein the middle of the panel (1) is hollowed out; a rectangular groove (3) is reserved between the side edge of the panel (1) and the side edge of the backboard (2); a decorative layer (4) is arranged on the front of the panel (1), includes a plurality of bead strings (41) and decorative beads (42); the bead strings (41) are formed through stringing a plurality of beads, and are arranged in parallel and fully cover the front of the panel (1); the decorative beads (42) are embedded on the four corners on the front of the panel (1); the bead strings (41) are made of glass; the decorative beads (42) are made of ceramic material. The bead strings and the decorative beads are decoratively arranged on the panel of the photo frame, so that the characteristic of the bead decorative photo frame is highlighted.




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