High-manganese steel and preparation method thereof


  • Inventors: SUN QIANG
  • Assignees: 孙强
  • Publication Date: October 09, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103343290-A


The invention discloses high-manganese steel and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the technical field of wear-resistant materials. The high-manganese steel contains the following chemical ingredients in percentage by mass: 1.0-1.5% of carbon, 15-20% of manganese, 0.3-0.6% of silicon, 1-3% of chromium, 0.2-0.5% of molybdenum, 0-0.1% of cuprum, 0.001-0.005% of boron, 0-0.03% of rare earth, not higher than 0.03% of phosphorus, not higher than 0.03% of sulfur and the balance of ferrum. The preparation method of the high-manganese steel, disclosed by the invention, comprises the following steps of: (a) preparing: selecting scrap steel and waste manganese steel as raw materials, and preparing an appropriate alloy raw material; (b) molding; (c) smelting; (d) casting: controlling the casting temperature to be 1,500-1,550 DEG C and the time for heat preservation to be 3 h; (e) carrying out sand cleaning: controlling the sand cleaning time according to the size and thickness of a cast part; (f) burnishing and checking the size of the cast part; and (g) carrying out heat treatment: heating to the temperature of 1,050-1,110 DEG C, carrying out heat preservation for 4 h, and carrying out quick tapping and air cooling. The high-manganese steel and the preparation method thereof have the beneficial effects that the impact resistance and toughness of the high-manganese steel are improved, the production process is simple, the cost is low, and the market prospects are good.




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