Prescription of refractive backlight adhesive film



A high-performance refractive backlight adhesive film does not exist in the market currently. The invention provides a prescription of a refractive backlight adhesive film by using a novel prescription to overcome existing defects, which is high in technical content and easy to manufacture. The film can be used for preventing dampness and salt mist, preventing corrosion and prolonging service life of equipment, is durable in protection effect, is long-acting in protective period to electric appliances, equipment, parts and the like, and can be used for resisting high temperature. The protective film starts to soften at 150 DEG C, and gets adhesive at 155 DEG C but cannot drip. The film is prepared from the following components in percentage by weight: 17-20 percent of acrylic resin, 15-18 percent of a ketonized solution, 50 percent of acetone, and 7-10 percent of xylene.




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