Friction test adjustable limiting device



The invention discloses a friction test adjustable limiting device which comprises a bearing sleeve, wherein a pressure adjustment plate is arranged in the bearing sleeve; a plurality of through holes are formed in the pressure adjustment plate; the pressure adjustment plate is connected with a lug plate through screws; positioning nuts and limiting nuts are arranged on the screws; guide screws are arranged on the lug plate; fixing bolts are arranged on the guide screws. According to the friction test adjustable limiting device, due to adoption of a structure that the pressure adjustment plate is connected with the lug plate through the screws, the pressure adjustment plate is movable; in the friction test, a position requirement for an anchoring fixed sheet during passive end oil pressure measurement and steel bundle anchoring can be met; the problem of inaccurate friction test data or fracture and slippage of a steel stranded wire during the steel bundle anchoring is solved; tension of a test steel bundle can be normally transmitted to a measured part; after the test is finished, the steel bundle can be reliably anchored.




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