Manufacturing method for liquid fertilizer rhizome injector



The invention provides a manufacturing method for a liquid fertilizer rhizome injector, which comprises the following steps: A, a fixing bracket which adopts a rectangular framework structure with an open end is mounted on one side of the needle cylinder, clamping grooves are formed in the two ends of the fixing bracket, one of the clamping grooves is clamped at the front end of the needle cylinder, and the other clamping groove is clamped on a push rod; B, a return spring is fixedly connected onto the outer wall of the end of the fixing bracket clamped on the push rod, the push rod is sleeved with the return spring, and the other end of the return spring is fixed on the inner wall of a handle; C, two fixing blocks are assembled on the other side of the needle cylinder, arc-shaped concaves are arranged at the two ends of each fixing block, one of the arc-shaped concaves of each fixing block is assembled on the outer wall of the needle cylinder, a liquid bottle is assembled in the other arc-shaped concave of each fixing block, and is clamped with the arc-shaped concaves of the fixing blocks; D, the liquid bottle, the needle cylinder and the fixing bracket are integrally bound by using fastening belts, so as to fix the liquid bottle. According to the invention, the manufacturing method is simple, the structure of the manufactured product is simple, the use is convenient, the labor intensity is low, and the application method is suitable for rhizome fertilization.




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