Novel groove cutting device


  • Inventors: LI TAO
  • Assignees: 李涛
  • Publication Date: December 04, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103418661-A


Provided is a novel groove cutting device. According to the novel groove cutting device, a dual-cutter rest is arranged on an upper device base through bolt pins, a movable cutter is arranged at the bottom of a crotch portion of the dual-cutter rest, rolling cutters are hinged to the end portions of two sides of the dual-cutter rest through fixing pins, a cutter base is arranged on a lower device base, and a fixed cutter is arranged on the cutter base. After all the components are arranged, the facts that when the upper portion and the lower portion of the groove cutting device are closed, a scissors cutting edge is formed by the movable cutter and the fixed cutter, and the two rolling cutters are symmetrically located on the two sides of the movable cutter are guaranteed, and therefore cutting work can be conducted. As channel steel is cut through a cold stamping device, the novel groove cutting device has the advantages of being free of pollution, forming small cuts, and being low in manufacturing cost compared with the prior art.




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