Burdock and gingko health-preservation chicken soup and preparation method thereof


  • Inventors: LIU YE
  • Assignees: 刘烨
  • Publication Date: December 11, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103431461-A


The invention relates to burdock and gingko health-preservation chicken soup and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the steps that a hen is killed, subjected to feather removal cleanly, chopped into chicken dices, soaked by clear water, and subjected to blood water removal; burdock is cleaned, subjected to dust removal, peeled and sliced; dried fructus lycii is cleaned and subjected to the dust removal; fresh gingko is cleaned and subjected to the dust removal; agaricus blazei murill is selected, macerated and then capped; a marmite is taken out; the chicken dices are placed in the marmite; yellow wine, pepper, anise, the gingko, the agaricus blazei murill, the dried fructus lycii, shallot sections and ginger dices are added to the marmite; the clear water is added to the marmite, and boiled by a high-temperature fire; refined salt, the pepper and monosodium glutamate are added; water starch is used for thickening; the soup is taken from the marmite and poured into zip-top cans sequentially; and disinfection and sealing are performed after canning. Original nutrient substances in the chicken soup are reserved in the chicken soup prepared with the method; nutrient elements in the burdock and the gingko permeate the chicken soup, so that the chicken soup is delicious in taste, and can reduce blood pressure and blood fat; a preparation technology of the chicken soup is simple; and the chicken soup is suitable for batch production, marketing and popularization in a market.




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