Live fingerprint processor


  • Inventors: ZHENG YUJIAN
  • Assignees: 郑育剑
  • Publication Date: December 18, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103455787-A


The invention discloses a live fingerprint processor, and belongs to chip processors in the field of information technology security. The live fingerprint processor has the advantages that the live fingerprint processor only can recognize and process fingerprints of human bodies with vital signs, so that real identity can be remotely verified; the live fingerprint processor with a human pulse function is invalid once the fingerprints are acquired separately from the human bodies; the live fingerprint processor can effectively replace an existing security system, can be applied to banks to replace an existing bank card, is safe, efficient, convenient and speedy, is high in efficiency and can be applied to commercial consumption, namely fingerprint swiping consumption, the problem of inconvenience in consumption by the aid of cash or bank cards is solved, and more importantly, financial crimes can be effectively reduced.




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