Scroll type compressor


PURPOSE: To prevent the generation of abnormal vibration and noise through prevention of reversing of a moving scroll during the stop of operation, to perform smooth slide operation of a check valve, and to prevent wear of a pole part. CONSTITUTION: A guide cylinder 6 is protruded from the opening end, opened to a suction passage hole 41, of a suction pipe 5, and a cylinder guide surface 61 and a suction release port 62 are formed in the outer periphery thereof. A check valve 7 having a valve body 71 in the shape of a cylinder with a bottom and a valve seat part 72 making contact with a valve seat 60 is slidably engaged with the outer periphery of the guide cylinder 6. During the stop of operation, the check valve 7 is closed by means of an energizing means 8 and quantities of high pressure gas after compression is prevented from reversing from the central part of vortex through an outer peripheral part to the suction pipe 5 side. A moving scroll 3 is prevented from reversing and movement of the check valve 7 throughout a given lift is smoothly guided as the inner peripheral surface of the valve body 71 is slid over a cylinder guide surface 61. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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