Connector with shield


PURPOSE: To prevent the touch of fingers or outer members to terminals so as to prevent the electrostatic breakdown of equipment connected to the terminals, by providing a projecting conductor connected to ground voltage on the tip face of a separation wall provided with plug contacts on both sides. CONSTITUTION: A ribbonlike conductor layer 23 is provided on the front face of a separation wall of a plug insulator 22 along the longitudinal center line so as to connect between holes 22b for attaching to equipment provided in the vicinities of both longitudinal ends of the separation wall and to be slightly projected from the surface 22a' of the wall 22a around the hole 22b. When a plug shell 5 is attached to the insulator 22, it is contacted to the layer 23 in the vicinity of the hole 22b to be kept in the same voltage. Thereby even when the plug 21 is placed so as that fingers or outer members are accessible to terminals without caution, those are at first contacted to the layer 21, the shell 5, to discharge their electrostatic charge, hence the electrostatic breakdown of equipment connected to the terminals can be prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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