Apparatus for producing optical disk


PURPOSE: To provide the apparatus for producing optical disks which allows mastering at a high recording density in a short period of time. CONSTITUTION: This apparatus has a housing where a vacuum space is formed, a turn table for rotating an optical master disk within this housing, a head 30 having at least one cold cathode emitter elements 1a to 1d which irradiate the optical master disk with electron beams when driven, and a driving means for driving the emitter elements according to the recording information signals to be supplied. The mastering of the optical master disk which allows the supply of a large current at the high recording density is executed with the relatively simple constitution without largely changing the conventional mastering method. The plural recording pits can be easily formed within the shape of reading light spots and a contribution can be made on the reproduction time of the recording signals as well. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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