Thermal transfer recording method and intermediate sheet used for said recording method


PURPOSE: To prevent a thermal fusion to a coloring material layer and exhibit a high recording sensitivity by a method wherein the coloring material layer surface of a transfer body is overlapped on a dyeing layer surface of an intermediate sheet, a sublimable thermal transfer image is formed on the dyeing layer from a substrate A side of the transfer body, and the image is transferred from a substrate B of the intermediate sheet onto an image receiving body. CONSTITUTION: A transfer body 1 and an intermediate sheet 2 are clamped between a recording head 4 which is pressed under an appropriate pressure and a platen 5 so that a surface of a coloring material layer 9 of the transfer body is overlapped on the surface of a dyeing layer 11 of the intermediate sheet. An image is recorded on the dyeing layer 11 by a recording head 4 from a substrate A8 side of the trasfer body. Thereafter, the intermediate sheet 2 having the dyeing image is combined with an image receiving body 3 so that the dyeing layer surface of he intermediate sheet 2 faces the surface of the image receiving body. In this state, the both are heated and/or pressurized, whereby the dyeing layer 11 of the intermediate sheet 2 is released from a substrate B10 of the intermediate sheet 2 to be transferred onto the image receiving body 3. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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