Connecting member for honeycomb block and connecting method using the same


PURPOSE: To certainly connect blocks to each other by providing connecting projections fittable to the honeycomb chamber of a honeycomb block on the lower and upper surfaces of a connecting plate, and engaging upper and lower blocks with the projections. CONSTITUTION: On the upper and lower surfaces of a hollow connecting plate 1 consisting of two porous connecting base plates la and porous bulkhead plates 1b holding the connecting base plates la with a determined space to form horizontal through holes 1c, connecting projections 2 are planted. The connecting plate 1 is approached to a lower honeycomb block 3 preliminarily laid in a determined position from above, and the connecting projections 2 are inserted into the honeycomb chambers 3a of the block 3 to connect the both. Thus, blocks can be certainly connected without vertical and horizontal slippage. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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