Facsimile equipment


PURPOSE: To provide the facsimile equipment with a dust-proofing effect and installability and to provide the portable compact facsimile equipment with satisfactory portability and operability by utilizing a freely movable transmitting paper sheet tray. CONSTITUTION: In the case of transmission, a freely movable the transmitting paper sheet tray 2 is opened so as to reveal the entire manipulation part. In the case of carriage and reception, the transmitting paper sheet tray 2 is closed so as to reveal only a received paper sheet eject port 6 and to cover the other parts. Further, since the transmitting paper sheet tray 2 is formed suitably for a main body 1, a transmitting paper sheet inserting port 2, transmitted paper sheet ejecting port 4, manipulation switch 5 and ten keys 7 can be respectively arranged on various faces. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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