Loom for weaving fool-containing fabric


PURPOSE: To prevent the inversion of the front and back faces of a foil yarn at the middle part in the lateral insertion of the foil yarn into warp groups by an electric foil-drawing apparatus provided with a foil-drawing rod having a foil clip at the tip end. CONSTITUTION: A foil-pressing member 21 having a foil-engaging part 26 is placed in the middle of the lateral side of an upper reed frame 11 in such a manner as to constantly clip the upper part I of warp groups 14, 15 by the force of a spring 29. Separately, an electric lifting member 31 is placed adjacent to the foil-pressing member 21 to move the foil-pressing member 21 downward against the force of the spring 29 and engage the lower end of the foil-engaging part 26 to the foil yarn in the course of lateral insertion. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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