Manufacturing installation of semiconductor


PURPOSE: To provide the manufacturing installation, of a semiconductor, wherein a restriction on a building and a site is reduced, the number of inspection devices and persons required for an inspection operation can be reduced and it is easy to comply with a change in a process. CONSTITUTION: A plurality of in-process conveyance lines 1 to 5 are arranged in parallel; cassette stockers 6 to 10 are arranged at ends, on one side, of the individual in-process conveyance lines; an in-process conveyance line 13 which conveys a wafer cassette among the cassette stockers is arrange; and in-process main conveyance devices 19 are installed in the individual in-process conveyance lines. In addition, intermediate cassette stockers 11 and 12 are arranged, and in-process subconveyance devices 29 and 30 are installed. In addition, testing rooms 31 and 32 are installed, inspection devices 33 to 34 are arranged, and a prescribed inspection is executed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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