Semiconductor device


PURPOSE:To obtain a semiconductor device which is operated in a high frequency and has a transistor including a high output power by forming a first current terminal and a control electrode on a head of a semiconductor and forming a second current terminal on a base of the semiconductor. CONSTITUTION:A current passage is advanced from a source electrode 21 to the side of a head 15 of a semiconductor, from the side to a center, from the center of the head of the semiconductor to a neck 13 of the semiconductor and to a base 12 of the semiconductor, again advanced at the base 12 horizontally to a drain electrode 25. When a gate voltage is applied to a gate electrode 23 to develop a depleted layer and arrived at an insulator region 14, a current passage from the electrode 21 to the electrode 25 is completely cut OFF. The electrode 25 for removing an output signal is separated from the electrode 23 in which an input signal is applied and isolated by the region 14, etc., and hence a parasitic capacity can be reduced thereby to prevent a short-channel effect by a transistor in which an I-type groove structure is employed and to obtain a semiconductor device having high performance of high output power.




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