Electrostatic recorder


PURPOSE:To reduce concentration of generated ozone and to record at a high speed by providing a control electrode provided oppositely to an air gap region of an ion generator, and an ozone decomposing unit provided in a region for isolating the generator from the electrode. CONSTITUTION:An electrostatic head 24 has an ion generator 24A which has a solid dielectric member 32, a first electrode 31 provided on one surface of the member 32, and a second electrode 33 provided on the other surface of the member 32 oppositely to the electrode 31 and so provided as to exist an air gap region to a junction to the member 32. And, a control electrode 24B provided oppositely to the air gap region of the generator 24A to adhere ions to a dielectric recording medium, and an ozone decomposing unit 35 provided on a region for isolating the generator 24A and the electrode 24B to decompose ozones generated upon generation of the ions, are provided.




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