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PURPOSE: To certainly and easily support a decorative frame in a desired position of a ceiling surface, support a rising/falling lighting equipment in a desired position to a lifting device, and certainly support the rising/falling lighting equipment by a receiving body. CONSTITUTION: A lifting device having a drum 2 for winding a rope 5 and fixed onto the reverse side of a ceiling, a support body 3 having a plurality of angle regulating holes on its rising/falling lower surface, a rising/falling lighting equipment supported by the rope 5 in such a manner as to be capable of rising and falling, and a gauge 7 having a position specifying hole are provided. The mounting position of a decorative frame 6 to the ceiling surface is specified by use of the gauge 7, the decorative frame 6 is fixed onto the ceiling surface, and the angle of the support body 3 to the lifting device is regulated by the gauge 7. Thereafter, the support body 3 is fixed to the lifting device. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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