Power supply terminal block fixing device of remote control switch of air-conditioning machine


PURPOSE: To prevent a printed-circuit board from being damaged by eliminating a direct stress to the printed-circuit board and fixing only a terminal block forcibly. CONSTITUTION: An escape hole 3 with a larger diameter than that 4 of a head portion of a fixing screw 104 is provided at a printed-circuit board 103 and at the same time a hole 110 for fixing is provided at a terminal block 101 for fixing to an exterior finish case 102 directly regardless of the printed-circuit board 103, thus preventing clamping along with the printed-circuit board 103 and a stress from being applied to the printed-circuit board 103. At the same time, when a power supply wire 106 is connected, a stress to a clearance 112 is eliminated by including a conductive portion 111 even if a screw for connection is clamped when connecting the power supply wire 106, thus enabling the stress to the printed-circuit board 103 by sandwiching the terminal block 101 to be eliminated and preventing cracks and conduction failure of the printed- circuit board 103 from occurring. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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