Slit gap variable coating head


PURPOSE: To obtain the extrusion type coating head which can easily change a slit gap. CONSTITUTION: This head has two sheets of coater body plates 1A, 1B disposed in parallel apart a slight spacing so as to form a slit 3 for discharging a coating liquid and a pair of press plates 2, 2 disposed on both end faces in the longitudinal direction of two sheets of the coater body plates. The one coater body plate 1B of two sheets of the coater body plates 1A, 1B of the extrusion type coating head for coating the surface of a continuously traveling base with a coating liquid is constituted movably in the direction perpendicular to the coater body plate 1A opposite thereto. Micrometers 4, 4 which measure the relative moving distances in a perpendicular direction are provided. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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