Image forming device


PURPOSE: To reduce the curl quantity for the regenerated paper and prevent a jam, a copying flaw and a folded edge in the process after fixing by changing the position of a peeling claw in response to the estimated curl quantity. CONSTITUTION: The temperature and humidity are measured with a temperature/ humidity meter 101, and the type of the transfer paper is detected and judged with a recording paper type detecting device 60. The curl quantity and curl direction in the state are extracted from a memory section 103 based on the data of the temperature and humidity and the type of the recording paper, and the curl quantity and direction are estimated. Whether the curl quantity exceeds the reference value set by a curl level setting device 107 or not is judged by a comparator 109. When the back curl exceeding the reference value is estimated, a peeling claw 88 is moved in the X-direction, and peeling is started from the tip section of the recording paper while the peeling angle is increased. When the face curl exceeding the reference value is estimated, the peeling claw is moved in the Y-direction to decrease the peeling angle. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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